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OEBS application performance management training

Fancy some Concurrent Managers 101 training one-on-one for you or your team? Or other training to deal with your site’s specific
problem areas like workflow? Or training to help you and your team implement best practice Applications Administration practices
at your site?

OEBS application performance consulting services

Perhaps you need a locum Applications Administrator while you go on holiday? Or maybe just a bit of hands on help with your
particular OEBS application performance issues? Or need some advice on which problem fixes to focus your limited
resources on for the greatest gains?

PIPER-Rx’s principal Gary Piper is a respected educator and freelance consultant and has provided needs based training and practical advice on site application activity and performance problems to scores of companies worldwide for over 20 years. Gary is available to help you and your organisation as you need and can tailor anything from one-on-one and team training services using your data (and problems), to locum services, to short term specific problem solving assignments or ongoing problem rectification support. If you want to chat generally about what training or help you might want or what problems you face please don’t hesitate to use the live chat service or alternatively “contact us” via the link provided.