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Did You Know - You can change a user's account name

Did You Know - You can change a user's account name

Whilst the account name has to be unique, the internal key is based on the account ID not the name.

So why would you change an account name?

Once a user is no longer with the company, end date the account and change the account name appending an _X to the name, i.e. the account DSMITH becomes DSMITH_X. Now the account name DSMITH can be used by the new employee.

Of course you will need to get this approach signed off by internal audit first.
Usually, as long as there is consistent documented evidence of the change audit are generally ok.

This is all done via the standard Oracle application screens (Users > Define) just select the user, change the users name and commit.

Note: If you change the name of an active account, i.e. a user's name has changed, you will need to reset that user's password and let them know the password you have set and that they will be required to change their password on first connecting with the new name.


It is never recommended to manually alter any structure or data within the E-Business Application. If you choose to do so, it is AT YOUR OWN RISK. Please refer to our Disclaimer.

Last update: May 2009