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TOADŽ for Oracle 9.0 and above provided a report writing module called "Reports Manager". One of the best features of this module is that you can create a report, export it and share it with another TOADŽ user.

This means all those great scripts and reports we have all written over the years to help us in managing our Oracle E-Business Suite applications have the potential to be standardised as reports using the TOADŽ for Oracle Reports Manager and shared for FREE throughout the TOADŽ OEBS user community through sites like this one.

Reports in TOADŽ Report Manager format need a licenced copy of TOADŽ for Oracle to proceed. TOADŽ for Oracle can be obtained from your local Quest Software distrubutor or Quest Software site.

All report examples on this site are provided in PDF format. To view or download a file you must first agree to our terms and conditions and then if you wish to download a file rather than just view the source you will need to right click on the download link and select "save link as".

Initially all reports posted to this site will be provided FREE, that's right FREE, no charge, gratis, to all OEBS professionals who agree to our terms and conditions. Please also refer to our Legal Notice and Disclaimer.

Remember all risk is yours alone!

If you require assistance regarding using TOADŽ TRD (Toad Report Definition) format here is a document on How to Import, Export & Delete TOADŽ Reports