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After over 20+ years working with Oracle (the product, not the Company) and Oracle E-Business Suite (since Release 5) I have been lucky enough to have been involved in many organisations and a diverse range of E-Business services spanning from strategic planning to problem solving and database administration both nationally and internationally. I have visited hundreds of sites and pretty much seen it all when it comes to Applications Administration. Since the late 1990's I have spent more time sharing these learnings and have been a regular conference presenter at OAUG conferences internationally. The most popular papers and case studies I have presented are available here, as well as links to all of the PAMtutorials . I hope you find them useful!

Papers on Concurrent Managers

- Concurrent Managers 101 and 202
- How to create a long running request for use in testing PDF
- How to register a concurrent program PDF
- Concurrent Manager Series
Chapter 1 - What are Concurrent Managers and what types of Managers are there? COMING SOON!!!
Chapter 2 - What Managers do I have? COMING SOON!!!

A number of the earlier papers were written and presented whilst I was with Quest Software. Once a paper is presented it becomes public domain. Most of these papers will also be available on various OAUG sites.


1 Usage profiling - Your OEBS Application - an introspective PDF
2 Performance profiling - Performance profiling, managing workflow background processes PDF
3 Database stuff for Apps Admins - Entropy antidotes (maintenance must haves for the more technically inclined) PDF
4 Coping with crisis - What to do when the sh#! hits the fan... PDF
5 Concurrent Manager activity - Cunningly clairvoyant (Am I having a bad day?) PDF
6 Workflow basics - What lurks beneath... (Workflow activity) PDF
7 More Concurrent Managers Activity - Managing user behavior through fear and guilt PDF
8 User Account Security - Basic security salvos PDF
9 User Activity - Basic user activity PDF
10 Database session statistics - Monitoring database sessions statistics PDF
11 Intraday user and CM activity - Intraday application activity PDF
12 More on concurrent managers - Proficiently psychic (Is bad stuff going on?) PDF
13 More on Workflow - Business bottleneck busters (or how to make you look good) PDF
14 Managing your OEBS customers - On top of the game PDF
15 Customising PAM - Customising PAM (Adding your own monitors & alerts) PDF
16 Print Requests - Printers: (Who, What, Where and When) PDF
17 Workflow - invalid e-mails - E-Mail address validation - (Not known at this address) PDF
18 Specialisation rules - Getting to grips with Specialisation Rules PDF
19 Scheduled requests - When scheduled requests go wrong PDF
20 General Ledger - Your Accountant’s best friend PDF
21 Application User Account Audit - Know thy users! PDF
22 PAMfallback - Fall Back – the PAM auto-healer PDF
23 PAMreports - PAMadmin - PAM administration made easy! PDF

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