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Paper - Concurrent Managers 101 & 202

Paper - Concurrent Managers 101 & 202

I originally wrote a version of this paper way back in 2002 and presented it at the UKOUG in Birmingham England. I have been presenting updates of this paper ever since and the principles still hold true, even now in 2012+! It still never ceases surprises me what I find when reviewing concurrent manger configurations. This is such a problem area I have devoted no less than 3 PAMtutorials to the subject of concurrent managers so why not check these out too...

Here is the best (worst!) I have seen and it still staggers me to think about it. A few years ago whist on a site in the USA, a consultant requested and to my disbelief secured a 6 months assignment to review and design a new concurrent configuration. Six (6) months for what can be done in less than a week!

The paper was originally written when 11.0 was the latest release but has been updated extensively over the years and includes screen shots to reflect 12i.

I hope you find it useful.


One basic performance issue the majority of sites have in common across the world relates to the configuration of concurrent managers.

This paper will review three (3) real world concurrent manager configurations, it will discuss in detail each of the configurations, identify the advantages and disadvantages of each configuration and the issues caused by inappropriate configurations. The paper will specifically focus on the details of each configuration, including:

The 3 cases we will focus on are: The final section of this paper covers how to configure and unleashing the power of Concurrent Manager Request Types.

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