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Paper - A better approach to OEBS workflow management

Paper - A better approach to OEBS workflow management

I originally wrote this paper in November 2008 and presented it as a web e-training session for the Victorian Oracle Application User group.

Workflow has continued to be such a problem area for so many sites I rewrote the paper for the AUSOUG conference in both Perth and Melbourne Australia 2009. I have now also devoted 3 full PAMtutorials to the subject of workflow so I would encourage anyone interested in better managing Workflow to check these out as well!


This presentation teaches you how to:


Workflow management is often ineffective and a perennial problem for many E-Business sites so many workflows get lost
or just hang around in various states of completion.

This happens because workflows have inherently long process timelines e.g. receipt of an order through to inventory despatch can take several weeks yet the management of workflow is often left to technical staff whose experience is much more around operating with database transaction times of milliseconds or seconds. It is therefore not uncommon in larger organisations to find several thousand workflows with various completion statuses in many cases dating back several years. The tidy up cost can be enormous.

This presentation demonstrates how to apply the principles of Aged Accounts management to workflow to help you manage workflow simply and far more effectively by identifying and focussing on slow workflows in the same way organisations identify and focus on slow payers. It covers how to collect the relevant information on the age profile of your workflows, what to focus on first for best results, what to do with the information and how to implement a regular review program to ensure workflow issues are identified and addressed early rather than left to clutter your system.

.....and yes, there is free code and reports for you to use to help you with these tasks.

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All preformatted reports referred to in this paper are available from the Free Reports page under the section Managing Workflow Paper (AUSOUG 2009)

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