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PAM version 4

Released November 2013 - PAM v4.0! PAM version 4.0 comprises over 65,000+ lines of code, 295 reports and 750+ pages of PAMtutorials - it really is your “Virtual Applications Administrator”. PAM’s popularity has grown quickly with downloads of PAM materials (tutorial documents and source code) are now averaging around 15 per week and with good reason: PAM is one of the most comprehensive offerings for streamlining and delivering best practice OEBS application administration in the market today and its FREE.

Yes PAM, the PIPER-Rx Application Monitor version 4.0 is being provided for FREE to users of this site for personal use. PAM provides simple and effective exception monitoring and reporting on many of the key attributes that impact day to day OEBS performance. PAMtutorials are designed to facilitate learning and training, with each successive PAM tutorial building on your prior knowledge and experience and PAM software comes as a simple, single download making getting going with PAM’s monitoring side super easy. And yes, of course you will get heaps of valuable inforation even if you start off using PAM software in a copy of your production environment. So, like many others before you, why not give PAM a go!

Want to know more before starting? Read PAM - what, how and why. (pdf), this will tell you EVERYTHING you could ever want to know about PAM!

PAMappview – Activity snapshot for the Apps Administrator

Every good Apps Administrator dreams of having the answer to “How’s my day going?” in one simple screen with drill downs,
well now you can have it for FREE with "PAMappview". PAMappview snapshots all that really useful stuff…

- How is application response time tracking today?
- How are my concurrent managers currently performing?
- What is going on with workflow?
- Are there currently long running jobs that will cause my users to complain?
- What PAM alerts have been raised recently?

Take a look at PAMappview, we know you’ll love it!

PAM is ready and waiting to help you better manage your OEBS application and don’t forget it’s FREE so it will be worth the effort!