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I have been fortunate enough to have attended a large number of user group conferences internationally over many years, however not too many in the USA. After a number of submissions and attending a few conferences there, I came away with the opinion that in the US unless your paper expounds the virtues of Oracle you donít appear to get selected. Most of my papers have a different tone; they offer practical solutions and at times can be quite cynical - so after a while I gave up submitting papers in the US and focused on APAC and Europe.

To the best of my memory I have attended the following Conferences:

Asia Pacific

OAUG Asia Pacific Conference 2001 Sydney Speaker
OAUG Asia Pacific Conference 2002 Gold Coast Speaker
AUSOUG Nation Conference Series 2005 Speaker
AUSOUG Nation Conference Series 2006
AUSOUG Nation Conference Series 2007 Speaker
National University Finance & Procurement Conference July 2005 Sydney Speaker
NZOUG Conference 2004 Hamilton Speaker
NZOUG Conference 2005 Auckland Speaker
NZOUG Conference 2007 Auckland Speaker
Oracle Technology Summit 2006 Melbourne
AUSOUG eTraining Sessions October 2008 Speaker
AUSOUG Nation Conference Series 2009 Speaker - 2 Papers
NZOUG Conference 2010 Rotorua Speaker - 2 Papers


OAUG Fall 2000 Conference Hawaii
OAUG Connection Point 2003 San Diego Speaker
Oracle Open World 2006 San Fransico


OAUG Europe 2001 Geneva Speaker
Oracle Apps World 2002 Amsterdam
UKOUG Birmingham 2003 Speaker
UKOUG Birmingham May 2004 Speaker
UKOUG Birmingham May 2005 Speaker
Irish Oracle User Group Dublin 2005 Speaker
UKOUG Birmingham May 2007 Speaker