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This site is dedicated to providing a practical approach to day to day Oracle E-Business Suite application management activities

Why this site has such a following…

Oracle E-Business Suite (OEBS) has stood the test of time as one of the world's leading business applications. It is used successfully by organisations big and small across the globe but sometimes not as effectively or efficiently as it might be. This site is a follow on from one of the first ever sites to provide information on how to run your Oracle E-Business Suite application more effectively on a day to day basis. It continues to espouse the philosophy “not all performance problems are technical” and that in most stable environments user behaviour / usage patterns are typically the source of most correctable performance problems. So if you are into bits, bytes, locks, latches etc this is not the site for you, but if you are after ways to genuinely enhance performance and work with your systems and customers to achieve better more predictable performance, read on. This site is a FREE resource centre for OEBS and focuses on building your knowledge and sharing learnings amongst OEBS professionals. PIPER–Rx has grown from humble beginnings to a truly respected reference site across the globe with a significant following in Europe, US, Middle East, Asia, South Africa and Australasia. So far more than downloads have been made from this site making it one of the most respected resources for OEBS application management available today!

The Tips and Papers are incredibly popular as are the FREE Reports that are useful in your day to day OEBS application management activities together with PAM:

PAM - PIPER-Rx Application Monitor
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